What People Are Saying…

I am blessed to have worked with many amazing, heart-centered and gifted people. Helping to ignite the passion, wisdom and gifts within each of them has been such a joy for me. Here are some of what they have had to say about our work together.

I took the Inner Wisdom Mastery Mentorship and ooooohhhhh what a ride. Wow, Wow, Wow. What an amazing transformative journey I decided to take, and it was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself, my spiritual journey, and my peace of mind.

I totally recommend anyone who is on a spiritual opening path to take the mentoring, dive in, be open, be HONEST with yourself and allow Melody’s amazing talents to guide you into a life changing experience.

I never allowed myself to be seen for my gifts. I had no confidence in myself and did not trust myself or my gifts. I was so critical of myself, always trying to be a perfectionist and over help other so that would like me. I always knew I had blocks and did not have the confidence in myself or my gifts and talents.

Through working with Melody, I was able to release fears, anxieties and doubts. In a safe environment, feeling the warmth of Melody’s gentle presence, it allowed me to open up and find my passion. I am now amazingly confident in my gifts – don’t get me wrong, I still have moments of doubt, but they are moments. I love the nature of my spirit and my totally amazing intuition.

Melody’s compassion, elegance, grace, love, understanding and guidance helped me to find myself, the me that I was looking for all my life and that didn’t know existed. I could never express my gratitude to this lovely amazing soul.

Melody allows you to grow - she sees more than what she says, and opens you up so you can see it for yourself, in which I can only say “Thank you Melody!”.”


Words cannot express how grateful I am for these mentoring programs. Melody is one of the safest people I know. That was so important to me during this program, as there were many times that I felt very vulnerable as I touched into some of the limiting beliefs and facades that were holding me back from experiencing life at its fullest and most joyous. While working with Melody, I started to really realize, understand and trust my true potential. It was part of my transition from 'surviving' to 'thriving'! I would (and do) highly recommend this mentorship to anyone who is ready to fully expand their life and experience life in a more positive way."

Roberta Quam

Life Coach
Melody, your gifts are amazing! Thank you for your gentle and profound intuitive insights. Through your positive guidance, I have increased confidence in my personal gifts, greater understanding and healing of my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, and I have a greater awareness of my life-purpose and how to achieve it. My increased level of awareness in all areas of my life is astounding."

Judith Silverthorne

Author and Business Executive
In hindsight, I believe the word "meandering" would best describe how I felt before beginning Melody's mentoring program(s). Being a true mentor, Melody used her brilliant guidance and wisdom to support me through the most incredible transformation of my lifetime. She saw beauty and brilliance in my progress through each of the three mentoring programs, which further aided me to trust my intuition and embrace my gifts; gifts I wasn't aware I had. I am not the same person I was before working with Melody, I’m happier more of the time, I’m grounded more of the time and the compelling reasons I used to justify fidgeting with feelings for days on end has disappeared. With sincere gratitude – Thank you Melody!"

Valerie Lothian

Empowerment Guide
With Melody’s help, I have felt more empowered to shift challenges in my life and step into a more powerful and trusting space!

Rosemary Veilleux

Healer - Seattle, WA
I decided to do a mentoring program with Melody when I realized that I was ready for a bigger shift; I wanted to release the fear-based beliefs that left me uncomfortable in my life, along with the stumbling blocks I seem to be experiencing over and over again. Thanks to this program I now find myself much more confident and comfortable with myself and situations in my life. I am able to relax and let things unfold, knowing that I will receive whatever insights I need from them.

This program challenged me to see the bigger picture for my life and to let go of my fears. As I released my fears, I discovered a stronger connection to my intuition and now receive more messages and am able to trust them and myself more. This was a powerful transformation. Melody’s information, insights, and intuition, along with the exercises and assignment she gave me, make the transformation happen much quicker. I would highly recommend these mentoring programs to anyone who is ready for a change in their life."

Laura Kachur

Business Owner
WOW. That truly is the first word that comes to me when I think about the three Mentoring programs that I have done with Melody. I have been on this journey consciously for a few years and have done what feels like many different classes and workshops. This one has been one of the very top. My growth at times has been very subtle and other times feels like I made leaps and bounds. What I always felt with Melody is that she was always guiding me to use my own voice, to trust myself and get to know and understand my own gifts. It is a truly empowering experience. One that I can see myself doing again in the future. I am truly grateful that I have such a wonderful, insightful mentor to work with."

Jacquie Carter

Life Coach
I just finished Melody’s Inner Wisdom Mentoring program. I can honestly say I have never experienced such a profound shift with any course or program I have done over the years and I feel like I’ve tried them all. Melody is extremely gifted and what she offers is one of a kind. I saw changes within myself and in my life that have amazed me. I will continue to work with her in the coming months and on. I couldn’t recommend her more!!!! "

Saqi Salehi

Melody’s gifts are truly remarkable! Her guidance is so pure and full of divine love. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking profound spiritual healing, understanding and transformation."

Sarah Weanus

Montreal, PQ
Melody is a truly amazing, empathetic and caring person. She is open and welcoming, and you can instantly feel a connection. She helped me connect with my feelings and release them - I could physically feel the fear, stress and anxiety that I had been carrying around let go. I felt a million times better and had such a feeling of freedom and relief from all the worrying and over-thinking that usually haunts me. It felt like I had just released years and years of pent up emotions. I could not recommend her more."

Sarah Wall-Coughlan

Special Needs Teacher
After leaving a 10-year relationship I felt like I was sitting on the edge of a cliff, knowing I needed a transition, unsure where to even start. A friend recommended I contact Melody, and after 3 seconds on the phone with her I knew it was the best choice I could have ever made. I was hoping to get over my ex and all the relationship baggage, but what I really got was so much more than just that. I got to know myself better, what makes me tick, how I see the world, and how I could use that knowledge to change my day–to–day life for the better.

I have become so much more confident in myself, and feel like I have stepped into myself. I can catch myself in old behaviours/ways and use the tools and techniques Melody gave me to see it differently, and make a change. I was surprised by what I was holding onto that Melody helped me let go of; every time we talked I felt like a layer of weight lifted from my shoulders. I would not be the person I am today without her guidance. Melody was incredible at drawing things out of me I didn’t know were there. I felt so cared for which allowed me to be so open with my deepest fears and to be helped through them. I could seriously not recommend her more to anyone sincerely looking to better themselves… you won't regret it. "

Crystal Mann

Single Mamma
We all walk with a light which sometimes feels like a flickering candle, and so there are times when we need to see another outside of our small arc of illumination; sometimes for guidance and other times for clarity. Melody carries a lantern! She provides a safe place to explore, to gain insight, and walks beside you. Her authenticity and kindness is amazing, but her extraordinary ability to help you discover who you are, opposed to who you have been taught to be, is phenomenal.

My experience, after only three months so far, has enabled me to accept my gifts, unravel my chaos and feel great about how I’m showing up in the world. My hope is that whoever reads this will take the leap; invest in yourself - Melody will help you see that the heart you thought was breaking throughout your life was actually trying to hatch! And once it’s hatched, that inner brilliance shines on, and through, everything!"

Clare Cotman-Coughlan

Business Executive and Mentor
Teaming up with Melody is truly transformative. It is hard to describe the magic that happens with her. All I know is that she was able to bring out the light in me that was there waiting to be let out. She uncovers the layers of past issues, old beliefs or stuck patterns and help birth the best of you that has always been there. Her gentle guidance, wisdom and practical assistance were very effective at helping me understand myself so much better. She lifted the excess baggage I had been carrying around with me and it feels amazing to let it go. She aids in bringing clarity to issues and offers new perspective to see from.

She has opened up a whole new exciting life for me. Each session is so different and is uniquely orchestrated for what you need at the time. I gained so much freedom, peace, enthusiasm and joy working with her. She is the real deal. If you want to feel better on all levels, she will help you achieve that and it will be fun!!"

Jamie B.

I decided to do a mentoring program with Melody when I found myself incredibly unhappy with my job, but expected to have to stay with it. By the end of that first program, I had left my role of 18 years to start my own business and discovered a sense of purpose, passion and success that I hadn’t experienced before. I decided to do another mentoring program when I felt hopeless and overwhelmed in my life.

These programs have helped me to realize what amazing intuition I have. It now just shows up automatically, when I need it most, to provide me with incredibly accurate and powerful guidance. I feel a stronger connection to my personal power and have gained the clarity and freedom to choose what is best for me, rather than feeling forced by external circumstances. This work is some of the most powerful that I’ve experienced – it goes very deep, is intuitive, accurate and provides concrete results."

Noela Crowe-Salazar

Business Consultant