Free Resources

The following recordings will assist you with transforming old stories and patterns, so you can move through inner resistance and connect back into your purpose, passion and guidance. In this way, your own personal landscape can be changed from the inside out – creating a stronger connection with your soulful inner nature, to allow more of your unique wisdom, brilliance and light to emerge and guide you forward.

I encourage you to listen to the Introduction and Disclaimer recordings first - each one is a quick listen and provide you with information to make the most out of these recordings:


Soulful Infusion

Imagine feeling more empowered and comfortable in your own skin. That level of confidence already exists within you and this Soulful Infusion will remind you of all that you have to feel confident about.

Length: 10:55 Minutes

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Soul Notes Meditation

This meditation will guide you to strengthen your connection to your own inner light and brilliance, so you can create a stronger inner consciousness and awareness of all that you came here to be, allowing you to automatically share more of yourself and your gifts with your world.

Length: 7:00 Minutes