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Hi – welcome to my website. I love inspiring Soul-ful, Highly Sensitive and Empathic Individuals to tap into their wisest and most light-filled potential.

Are you ready to move from playing it small or feeling insecure… into courageously opening your heart to shine brighter and share more?

Wise + Gifted + Amazing + Inspiring = YOU. Can you feel it?

Does this Sound like You?

You know there is more for you to do and be in this lifetime.

You're ready to tap into higher levels of consciousness, and access more wisdom, awareness and inspiration.

You want to experience a stronger connection to your intuition, to empower your choices and enhance your life.

You’re looking to transform limitations, and live more authentically-inspired and intuitively-guided.
If so, you're in the right place – read on to see what I have to offer…

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When I reflect on the choices I’ve made that have taken me on the best trajectory to transformation, it is the choice to work with Melody to mentor and guide me through some of the toughest and yet most exciting terrain of my life. Our work together in several different capacities, has resulted in creating the very best version of myself and enticing it to the surface. I’m grateful for her and the work she does.
– Valerie Lothian

√ The Power of Awareness
Our brains are not designed to handle too much uncertainty. Recognizable patterns and habits keep your brain calm, allowing you to feel safe, motivated and inspired…

What Would Love Do?
√ Are You Doing What You Are Great At?
√ A Healing Versus a Cure