"Wisdom is the unseen hands of your creative mind imagining possibilities beyond your current circumstances."

Think of wisdom as your best friend – one that walks with you and has access to insights that you don’t always see. Your wisdom can see beyond where you are to where you could be… it can look into your heart and see your value at times when you can’t see it yourself… it can guide you to move beyond your fears and limitations, to tap into your light and potential.

Your role with your wisdom is to listen with an open heart.

Wisdom doesn't require 100% blind faith (although it may require a leap of faith). It does however, require enough of an opening to show you what else there might be out there for you. You can be afraid, you can have doubts, you can even question it. As long as you are open to the possibility of something more… you will receive guidance.

This guidance can show up in many ways – as a gut feeling, an internal message, or through words from a friend, just to name a few (after all, your wisdom is relentlessly creative). Wisdom then asks that you listen with an open heart for the messages that feel right for you and take a step forward. Just one step in a new direction that feels more open, empowering or sometimes even a bit unnerving (change does sometimes feel scary), can produce magical results.

Your wisdom's ability to guide and direct you grows exponentially as your willingness to hear it does. So… open your heart to your wisdom and see where it can take you.


Many Blessings,

Melody Rae Jones

This Inspiration was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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