"All of your experiences are a sacred invitation to return to the source of your True Nature."


Your soul is always seeking a return to the wholeness and oneness of its perfection.

Your life's circumstances are divinely orchestrated to create an opening within you, so that you can experience a deeper sense of wholeness into, and a remembering of, your innate divine nature.

Wherever you have a block or limitation, the Universe will bring something into your awareness to help you resolve it. While it may appear as a problem or challenge, and you may not understand it in the moment, there is a divine unfolding of whatever is needed to awaken you in that moment to a higher view of yourself.

The beautiful thing is that it is beyond anything that you may know, think or be able to understand with your logical mind, however, it will unfold with spiritual precision and timing.

So I invite you to see your problems and challenges as opportunities for more than just something you need to solve, fix or overcome. To seek a deeper insight, try asking yourself… "I wonder how this is helping me to change or grow, and what more of me is waiting to be revealed and experienced?".

This question, asked in a gentle and inquiring way, will begin to unravel the inner conflict or resistance within you, to bring about an expanded awareness of you and your circumstances.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Melody Rae Jones

This Inspiration was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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