"An Open Heart sees Possibilities - a Defended Heart sees Limitations."

While it may seem counter-intuitive and not the way much of the world functions, building a wall around your heart does not keep you safe. In fact, that closed and defended energy actually creates a block between you and what you truly want.

Think of a time when you felt safe, peaceful and connected. In that moment your heart was naturally open. When your heart is open, it looks for things that are similar… it looks for opportunities to connect, find love, and feel more peace and joy.

In an open-hearted state you naturally allow more things in. You feel worthy and guided. You notice what is right rather than wrong. You seek love, guidance and positive interactions. You find it easy to be loving and accepting, and people find it easy to be loving and accepting back. In this space, you are open to more… and more is open to you.

When your heart is open you naturally seek opportunities, solutions and ways to connect, belong and feel good.

Now in contrast, if you feel insecure and put up a wall to feel 'safe', your defended heart feels closed to everyone and everything. You will find yourself feeling blocked rather than open, notice problems rather than solutions, and find limitations rather than opportunities. In this space, you will find many things to guard or defend against because that is the perspective you are functioning from.

In your desire to stay safe behind your heart walls, your closed energy is leading the charge. Others will find you distant and unapproachable, and easy to judge or criticize. It’s an interesting paradox – while the wall is intended to keep you safe, in actuality it creates a block between you and all the goodness you desire.

A closed or defended heart, which you may feel is protective, is in fact imprisoning and limiting.

Allowing your heart to be open can at times be challenging, but it's worth the effort. If you can let down your guard and open your heart, particularly at times when you feel nervous or insecure, amazing things can happen:
  • It becomes difficult for others to judge you.
  • You become less affected by others' negativity.
  • You begin to care less what others think of you (it's easier to 'stay in your own lane').
  • You are more in touch with how you feel.
  • You overall feel better.

  • So practice opening your heart and allow your heart energy to guide you forward. Enjoy!

    Many Blessings,

    Melody Rae Jones

    This Inspiration was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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