"Each time you reach for more, regardless of the outcome, that expansion creates a change in you; you automatically become a greater and grander version of yourself."

Your purpose is to become the greatest and grandest version of yourself. This desire for growth is actually encoded right into your DNA – in fact, it’s in everyone. Both as individuals and as part of the collective consciousness; we are driven to grow, change and evolve.

When you allow yourself to step into more, whether by doing something different, learning something new, changing your thinking, or healing old patterns and wounds, it creates a change. You automatically become a larger expression of yourself... you automatically become more as a result.

So each time you step into something more, it creates a new energy signature that you carry with you everywhere. It is always there, impacting how you think, feel and react… affecting how you see the world and show up for yourself… changing how you move forward and function in your world.

So in this moment, what expansion are you willing to step into?


Many Blessings,

Melody Rae Jones

This Inspiration was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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