"Self-Mastery is the ability to value knowledge and wisdom as equal partners."

While both knowledge and wisdom are valuable, there is a powerful difference between them. Knowledge is your ability to expand your thinking using the world as your teacher. It allows you to learn from what you have been told, taught, read, witnessed or experienced. It is the practical application of life and its experiences.

Wisdom on the other hand comes from within you. It is what you seem to know, sense, feel or discover, without being told or taught. It is insightful and powerful information that comes from your innate ability to see your life from the expanded perspective of what more there is for you to feel, do and become. In essence, it is your opportunity to evolve beyond your current circumstances, by seeking a deeper meaning and understanding of your life experiences.

Now imagine how your world would expand if you understood the value of knowledge and wisdom as equal partners... of your soul's evolution geared towards both higher learning (knowledge) and higher understanding (wisdom). In this way, you will intrinsically know how to marry what you will learn, with the understanding and wisdom your soul already carries, and that which you will discover through your intuition and life experiences.

Valuing knowledge is often easier because we live in a world that honours logic, form and tradition, which are the foundations of knowledge. On the other hand, valuing wisdom to the same degree can sometimes be trickier. So how can you increase your level of value and connection with your wisdom, and then use it as a stronger guiding force in your life? Here are some ideas:

  • Follow your intuition whenever possible, even if it doesn't make logical sense (after all, intuition does not come from logic so don't expect it to conform to logic).
  • Be willing to own your part in the challenges and situations that you experience - you cannot transform what you will not acknowledge.
  • Seek a deeper understanding of the patterns and experiences in your life by asking more questions of yourself... "Is there more to this?", "What opportunities are there within this that I'm not seeing?", or "What can I learn or discover from this?". Your answers reside within you, however, sometimes it takes asking the right questions to access them.
  • Remind yourself that life happens for you, not just to you. So when a difficulty or challenge occurs, remain open to the idea of a solution or resolution already created.
  • Find ways to tap in more authentically by being emotionally open and real - your soul loves truth, which is the cornerstone for allowing in more of your wisdom.


Many Blessings,

Melody Rae Jones

This Inspiration was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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