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Wisdom Circle



The Inner Wisdom Mastery Mentorship
3 Month Program

Tap into your highest potential with a personalized mentorship program that will show you how to create a more heart-centered, intuitively guided, authentically empowered and light filled life. This program will provide the deep inspiration and transformation that you desire in order to activate new possibilities, as you expand your awareness and increase your ability to experience more joy, wisdom and meaning.


Expand Your Intuition
30 Day Intensive

You are divinely guided each day to live your best life. This 30-Day Intensive will illuminate your personal Intuitive Style, and uncover the unconscious patterns and beliefs that may be preventing you from receiving, trusting and acting upon more of your divine intuition.


Personal Session

A Personal Clarity Session will help you to gain clarity and insight around an issue or area of your life. Personalized and interactive, it offers a unique blend of personal inner work, energy integrations, insightful information and practical advice.


Book a Session

Use my booking page to schedule a Personal Mentoring Session OR schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session to discuss if one of my programs might be a fit for you.



Read what my clients have to say about working with me and the transformations that they have experienced.

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