While everyone is intuitive, not everyone receives intuitive guidance in the same way. Take the WISDOM PROFILES QUIZ and discover your personal intuitive style, so you can expand your ability to be divinely and intuitively guided to Rise to Your Highest Potential.


Hi – welcome to my website. I love inspiring Soul-ful, Highly Sensitive and Empathic Individuals to tap into their wisest and most light-filled potential. When you can move from playing it small or feeling insecure about your gifts and abilities, into courageously opening your heart to shine brighter… you naturally begin to experience more intuition, greater self-awareness, and the deep sense of fulfillment and inspiration that comes from living from your highest potential.

Wise + Gifted + Amazing + Inspiring = YOU. Can you feel it?

As a Highly Sensitive, you have a unique path to follow, deep and insightful guidance within you, and gifts to be shared. Following someone else’s path simply doesn’t work, so you need an approach that can honour your deeply soulful and uniquely intuitive nature.

Because when you embrace who you authentically are and allow yourself to move past out-dated messages, patterns and limitations, you naturally expand into a higher level of consciousness, with more love, awareness, inspiration and intuition available to you.

And from this place, it then becomes easier to see your best path forward – so you can experience a stronger connection to your Personal Soul’s journey, as you discover ways to enhance your life, empower your choices and more positively impact your world.

As a Highly Sensitive myself, I understand and appreciate the unique and personalized journey that one must take in order to embrace their divine wisdom and create deeply enriching life experiences. That is why I'm so passionate about guiding other Sensitives forward on their journey.

So… if you are interested in discovering the deep transformation and self-discovery that will inspire you to open your heart, tap into your wisdom and expand your capacity to create a more authentically inspired and intuitively guided life, then read on to see what I have to offer.

When I reflect on the choices I’ve made that have taken me on the best trajectory to transformation, it is the choice to work with Melody to mentor and guide me through some of the toughest and yet most exciting terrain of my life. Our work together in several different capacities, has resulted in creating the very best version of myself and enticing it to the surface. I’m grateful for her and the work she does.
– Valerie Lothian
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"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
– Steve Jobs