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Wisdom Circle

My Approach


I know first–hand, what it's like to be blessed with gifts that feel like they should have come with an "owner's manual", or to feel things deeper than most people (I was often called "too sensitive"), or to need to learn how to trust my inner wisdom in the face of conventional thinking. So I understand what it's like as a Highly Sensitive and empathic person in today's fast-paced and logic driven world.

There is no One-Size Fits All

You were born with a strong internal driving force that strives to be uniquely YOU, and is ready to guide you to opportunities to expand into your personal wisdom, and embrace your infinite potential.

Because you and you alone know who you truly are, what is best for you and what will bring you the most joy and fulfillment.

Along the way you may have picked up attitudes, beliefs and perspectives that on the surface made sense for you, however… it's time to let go of anything that holds you back from being your authentic self.

You may believe certain limitations about yourself or your life based on your childhood experiences (many that are held in your unconscious mind), however… you can release their influence over you and rise to your highest potential.

You may at times feel fearful, worried or confused about who you truly are, or how you can become more connected to your gifts and intuition, however… your inner wisdom is just waiting for you to tap into it for the support and guidance that you truly need.

My Way = Illuminating Your Truth

I am committed to guiding you to your best self. Whether working with me in a program, session or workshop, my approach is guided by 3 primary values:

  1. First and foremost, I know how amazing you are and how much more there is within you just waiting to be revealed… and I never lose sight of that.
  2. I have a unique set of gifts, skills and abilities, some innate to me and others forged along the way from my own training and experiences, and I put it all to work for you:
    I am highly intuitive.
    I naturally see things from a larger perspective, allowing me to offer insights, ideas and information to expand your awareness, bring clarity to your circumstances and help you tap into your highest potential.
    I feel things deeply and with great clarity, and can guide you to the core of issues to release, reframe and transform patterns, limitations and outdated beliefs.
    From a loving and safe space, I am able to work energetically to move stuck energy that blocks alignment with your true nature.
  3. Together, we can move mountains! Okay, not really… but amazing things do happen when you are guided and supported to release your limitations, so you can claim your inner wisdom, and tap into your unique gifts and potential.
Live an Authentically Inspired Life

My experiential and intuitively inspired approach creates shifts from the inside-out, changing your inner landscape to support the changes you desire in order to live your most authentically inspired life. It includes:

 Intuitive Mentoring and Coaching
Powerful Inner Work, Energy Tools and Techniques
 Empowerment Processes, Exercises and Strategies
 Heart-Centered Approach
 Transformational Results

My Ideal Client

Think about your favourite shirt or a pair of shoes that's super comfy, and how great it feels to wear them. That comfortable "fits just perfect" feeling is also imporant when you are choosing a Mentor and Teacher to help you embrace your infinite potential.

My programs and services would be a great fit if:

• You are Spiritual, Heart-Centered and Highly Sensitive (Empathic).
• You feel things deeply, often 'picking up' emotional information from the world around you.
• You have strong intuition; you see, feel and sense things others do not.
• You struggle at times to believe in yourself and your divine wisdom, however, you just know that there is more for you to do and be in this lifetime.
• You love to look at things in order to discover the deeper meaning or insight within them.
• You are a truth seeker who is motivated by being authentic, heart-centered and emotionally real.
• You prefer deep, meaningful and personally enriching experiences and interactions.
• You want to help make the world a more heart and love centered place.

We Would Not be a Good Fit if:

• You are not Spiritual, Heart-Centered and Highly Sensitive (Empathic).
• You are not willing to do your own inner work – you just want things "fixed" for you.
• You are not comfortable with getting emotionally real, or connecting into your deeper feelings and unconscious beliefs.
• You are not looking to transform your relationship with yourself, your Divine Inner Wisdom and your gifts.

Embrace your inner wisdom and discover your infinite potential… it is your best roadmap forward in achieving greater success, joy and fulfillment.
Rise to Your Highest Potential
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